Construction of Temple 


Construction of Shri Pippeleshwar Mahadev Temple


In Shri Ramcharitmanas sage Tulsidas Ji wrote about Lord Shiva:-

"Bhavahi met sakahi tripurari"

Means:- Only Lord Shiva has the power to convert impossible in to possible. Lord Shiva has the treasure of health and wellness. To achieve the blessings and devotion of Lord Shri Ram one mus worship Lord Shiva first. According to astrology the whole planetary position is under Lord Shiva, so bearing these things in mind Shri Mukund Charitable trust is constructing Shri Lord Shiva temple near a swayam prakat (self grown, not by any human) Peepal tree, for health, wellness, money, wealth, reputation, grah-shanti (solution of astrological problems) and for prosperity etc. this temple has been constructing.

In this temple these facilities will be available for devotees:-

1. Solution of Kaalsarp Yog (Horoscope problem).

2. Celebration of Shri Maharudrabhishek ceremony.

3. Arrangement for all types of astrological and vastu work and arrangement for marriage ceremony.

4. Shri Mahamritunjay mantra ceremony.

5. Solution for the problem when there is a delay in the marriage of a bride.

6. Arrangement for the libration for dying person.

7. Solution for the loss in business, problem in house, obstacles in life horoscope problems etc.

8. Solution for the recovery of lost money.

9. Solution for the problem in childbirth.

10. Solution for the problem in employment, transfer, bad relationship of couples etc.

11. Arrangement for Shrimad Bhagwat Katha and Shri Ram Katha by the great scholars of Shri Vrindavan Dham.

12. Arrangement of pundits, Brahmins and scholars for Katha, Hawan (yagna) and all types of religious and spiritual activities/ceremonies.

13. Arrangement for Raaslila and Ramlila by the famous Rasacharyas (scholars).

14. Arrangement for all types religious and spiritual activities.

15. Complete arrangement for Shri Ramcharitmanas event.

All these above mentioned activities will be organized in the glorious courtyard of the temple. If you want then these activities can be organized at your residence, office, factory etc.

For the management of this temple a committee has to be formed, for this we need honest, hardworking, devoted, religious and kind hearted persons.

You are most welcome to join the various posts of president, vice president, minister, vice minister, special member, general member and care taker of this management committee.

You can contribute in the construction of Lord Pippeleshwar Mahadev Ji temple by mind, body and money (donation). The statue of Lord Pippeleshwar Mahadev Ji may be planted (Shivalinga pran prathista) by your hands. You can also do the statue plantation ceremony of other deities (Shri Radhe Krishna Ji, Shri Hanuman Ji, Shri Ganesh Ji, Shri Parvati Ji, Shri Nandi Ji etc.) and also can participate as a chief host (Yajman) in this spiritual (yagna) and fulfill any type of duty in this religious activities. You can also plant a marble block with your or your ancestor’s name on it, in courtyard of the temple. Now it is up to you that how do you want to contribute in this religious activity.


 Note: - All type of spiritual activities will be done with full devotion, trust, honesty and affordable charges.



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