Care for Handicapped 


"Shri Mukund Sewa Sansthan"




Free Service for handicapped - There are nearly 4% of the population is handicap in India, it is the curse of there life. Due to the polio infection in there legs they can’t walk normally and are isolated from the main stream of the society. Currently the facility of polio operation is available in Udaipur, Rajasthan. But now it will be also available in Vrindavan at Shri Mukund Sewa Sansthan.



Free Facilities for Handicapped Persons:-


1. Free polio operation.

2. Distribution of tri-cycle and Calipers to polio patients.

3. Free food, boarding and medications during operation.

4. The traveling expense payment from Shri Mukund Sewa Sansthan to the house of patients.

5. To help handicapped person in getting the monthly pension announced by the U.P. Government of India.

6. To help polio patients in getting the free bus pass issued by U.P. S.R.T.C.

7. To help polio patients in getting the Railway pass.

8. Help in getting the handicapped certificates for free.

9. To help the polio patients in getting the bank loan at 4% interest rate, for employment purpose.



On 22-Jun-2007 the director of “Viklang Kalyan Vibhag” Lakhnow (U.P.) send us a letter (letter no.:- 1665) and allowed us to build a hostel for 100 handicapped children, where children will get food, boarding, education, training etc. for free.



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