Cow Shelter (Gaushala) 


"Shri Mukund Gau Sewa Sadan"



Security and prosperity of the Nation is possible by serving mother Cow. According to Hindu mythology mother Cow is the base of all living beings and she is also the greatest treasure for all. Mother Cow is the past and the future also.

The quintessence of broad based Indian culture rests on twin objective of humanity, peace and prosperity. This aspect is abundantly represented by the Holy Cow which is taken as a personification of fulfiller of all wishes ‘Kamdhenu’ for the humans. The holy books Vedas Shastras which is time immemorial lends credence to this pious belief.

The ‘Gau Mata’ or the ‘Holy Cow’ enables not only ones’ attainment of worldly material pursuits through the path of Dharma (Pious practices) Artha (material wealth) Kama (desires) but also enables a person to achieve salvation or the ultimate bliss and happiness on heavenly abode Moksha (the eternal heavenly peace).

It is pity to observe as a result of ignorance from many corners cows are treated as a mere animal and as a result they are neglected and allowed to wander. The holy cows are witnessed by many of us, eating paper and rubbish. This is despite the everlasting and inescapable bond between a human and a cow.

In south of India, the cow dung / urine is treated with respect as these are material ingredients in making of “Panch Kavya” which is used for purification during Upanayanam.(Janau) and Marriage ceremonies. The cow dung is also used to prepare Vibhooti which adores the forehead of Vedic Scholars.

Cow is a national resource and protection of cow is our bounden duty. According to Indian culture, praying holy cow is given utmost importance by Vedas, Puranas. According to the Indian holy book, the Holy Cow is an embodiment of 33 Crore Demi-Gods.

The back of mother Cow – Lord Bramha – The creator
Neck of mother Cow – Lord Vishnu – The protector
Forehead – Lord Rudra or Shiva – The Eliminator


Serving God, worshiping, fast, meditation, donation, pity, truth, non-violence, serving others, visiting spiritual places and bathing in holy river Ganges etc. one can gain merit (Punya) by doing all these things. One can also gain the same merit easily by simply serving mother Cow. The result of serving mother Cow is infinite, bearing this in mind Shri Mukund Gau Sewa Sadan has been founded, and from here the cow’s milk will be used for old persons, sages, Brahmins and handicapped person.


Let Gaumata shower her choicest blessings on every devotee, Please come forward, Save & Serve Mother Cow.


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