Old Age Home 


"Shri Mukund Apna Ghar"



The old stage in life is stage which is not reversable. In this stage most people faces the insult, isolation, lack of communication etc. by their family and society. Due to this they are bound to live a life full of depression and solitude.

For such old persons Shri Mukund Charitable trust is going to found “Apna Ghar” (Old Age Home) in Shri Dham Vrindavan. This will be the shelter house for such old person who has been rejected by their family and relatives and are living isolated life, this will be there own house forever.


Free facilities at “Apna Ghar”:-

1. Free boarding, food, clothes etc. for poor, helpless, rejected, old person.

2. For capable and rich old person’s boarding, food clothes etc. will be available at affordable charges.

3. Arrangement for the visit (darshan) to the main temples of Vrindavan according to time table.

4. Arrangement for visiting the main pilgrimage like Shri Badrinath, Shri Kedarnath, Yamunotri, Gangotri etc.

5. Arrangement of religious discourses (Satsang) and other religious activities for old person.

6. Arrangement of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Ramayana, discourses etc. via TV and DVD.

7. Daily Satsang arrangement (Bhajan, Keertan, Pravachan etc.).

8. Routine medical check up of all old persons.

9. Free Homeopathic treatment and medicine distribution.

10. Arrangement of break fast, lunch, dinner and seasonal fruits.

11. Free arrangement of religious books and magazines for self learning.

12. Arrangement of Yoga for capable old person.

13. Arrangement of free Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment by experience doctors.



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