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We are here to help everyone in need

SMCT is the act of giving help to those in need of it. It is a humanitarian act. It involves giving money, goods or time and effort to those who need it. It is done without expecting something in return.Poor, sick or injured people are generally considered the proper people to whom charity should be given.

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Support to charity causes around the world

Free Education For children

Our Trust will help children to get free education for being literate as well as a good person.

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Apna Ghar or Seva Sansthan

You know what's grand about them? They got to know us when we were kids & as we get to know they become like kids.

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Go Seva

Cow is very important in Hinduism. Other religions should understand this and respect it.

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Free Education

Apna Ghar & Seva Sansthan

Go Seva

Prepaleshwar Mahadev

Feeding Animals

Food Distribution